Gift Pack




The Gift Pack is a photo session or a course of photography by La Fotogràfica.

We propose giving away a photo session to  you want. We propose Gift Pack!
The Gift Pack is for you want, like a friend, your lover, your siblings, parents, newlyweds, in pregnant women, the children, the parents or the baby early!
Print them now or go to our studio and will deliver a box with a huge bow for your gift even more spectacular!
Can you imagine a better gift ?

It is very simple, in 5 steps we tell you how to do it :

1st . Choose which option you want : you can choose all the options that we offer, family sessions, books

2nd . Send us an email and we will inform schedules, prices and specials: Could you explain your choice and all questions you have via the web form, call us on 932 980 558 or send us an e-mail

3th . Payment is: Once you've decided, we will send you the information you need to take out the payment. You can get a transfer, pay for internet or go through our study.

4th. Once payment is made we will send you your booking number .

5th. You can download your coupon directly from our site and pass it to look for our study.

And ready to give away ! Sure to be a hit !


Are you ready?

1. Choose: Do you want a Family session?, Do you want a Book?
2. Tell us what you selected : Click here or fill in the web form

3- Download your coupon by clicking on the option or search for passa'l for our study:

· Family Session : A.Mini Family
Session,  B.Gran Family Session, C.Maxi Family Session Family with album, D. Maxi Family Session with video

· Book: A.Mini Book,  B.Book,  C.Maxi Book

Now you can simply call the person flattered us or write us an e-mail to book a date and time by providing us reservation number.


Want to see pictures of the Gift Pack ? Click here!