Marta Fàbregas Aragall


I feel that anything that has to do with image is part of my DNA. I have always felt passionate about the visual language, and that’s why I chose to devote myself to photography, my passion, which allows me to combine both my artistic and my entrepreneurial sides.

I’d say my main talent is knowing how to capture, in a fast and natural way, the beauty in the things that surround me. That’s where the power of my work comes from. I can give brightness and sparkle to everything that passes through my lenses. Undoubtedly, empathy, implication and creativity are what gives every project in which I engage a power and a character that makes it special and unique.

I was born in Barcelona on Abril 12th, 1974. I studied Photography at IEFC (Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya).

I worked in several photo studios in Barcelona and, in 1998, I cofounded Estudi La Fotogràfica ( with my partner and also photographer Marc Vidal.

From then on, I have been mainly devoted to our studio, where I developed personal and artistic work, along with commissions from museums, businesses, and private clients. I also teach classes, workshops and seminars.

I am currently the President of a women’s entrepreneurs’ network, Xarxa de Dones Emprenedores of Sant Cugat, in the city where I currently live.


Academic activity:


Workshops and courses at her studio La Fotogràfica (Workshops La Fotogràfica). She currently teaches:


- Master of Photography for Creative Professions in the European Design Institute Barcelona (coordinate on and teaching).
- Workshop: B/W Protrait.
- Photo Amateur Course.
- Photo Portrait for Actors.
- Image workshop for enterpreneurs and free lance professionals


1994  Shortlisted B/W Fotomercè 94
1995  Shortlisted B/W Fotomercè 95
1997  Selected for the VIII Biennal European and Mediterranean Young Creators Torino’97


1995 Group exhibit at the Virreina Fotomercè 94.
1996 Group exhibit at the Virreina Fotomercè 95 .
1997 Group exhibit at the UB (Universitat de Barcelona) Selection City of Barcelona VIII
         Biennal de Joves Creadors d’Europa i la Mediterrània.
1998 Group exhibit at the Galeria La Santa, “Pintem el Mar de Blau”.
2000 Creation of the “Digipovera” project.
2003 Solo exhibit at the La Fotográfica studio ”Blanc sobre Blanc”.
2008 Group exhibit at the FAD headquarters “Moda FAD 25 Editions”.
2009 Group exhibit at the Galeria Moncada “Dracs”.
2010 Solo exhibit at the Galeria Hartman (Barcelona) “Trobades en una Cadira”.

2010 Solo exhibit “Les cares del Romea”. Teatre Romea. Barcelona.
2012 Solo exhibit “Next Sation: Digipovera”. Studio La Fotogràfica. Barcelona.

2013 Group exhibit in the Gran Hotel Central in Barcelona “Realment Barcelona”.

2013 Group exhibit in the Gràcia neighborhoog in Barcelona “L/Aparadart”.

2013 Group exhibit in the Gran Hotel Central in Barcelona “Indrets”.

2014 Solo exhibit in Galeria Barcelona La Fotogràfica " Pepe Rubianes"

2015 Solo exhibit in Galeria Barcelona La Fotogràfica " Barcelona"

2016 Group exhibit in Galeria Barcelona La Fotogràfica "Mercat d'hivern"


Books that include her pictures:


Pedro Rodríguez. Los vestidos de Maria Brillas (2012). Ajuntament de Barcelona.
2011 European Union Prize for contemporary Architecture Mies Van Der Rohe Award. Actar Editorial.
Històries del Motel (2011). Ara Llibres.

La Llotja de Lleida (2010). Lunwerg Editorial.
Barcelona brandnew fashion designers (2009). Actar Editorial.
Kiki Smith. Her memory (2009). Fundació Joan Miró. Barcelona.
Macedònia (2007). La Galera, SAU Editorial.
A educar también se aprende (2003). Alba Editorial.
Guia off de Barcelona (2002). Alba Editorial.
Aladin toys. Les joguines de Torres-García (1997). Fundació Caixa Catalunya.
Arquitectura del camp (1995). CO.AC Tarragona.

Currently publishing in:


Revista Casa Viva. MC Ediciones.
Revista Cocinas + Baños. MC Ediciones.
Revista Interiores. Grup Godó.
Suplement ES de La Vanguardia. Grup Godó.
Revista On Diseño. Editorial On