This project portrays a series of people belonging to the cultural and artistic domains in Barcelona, at the beginning of the XXIst century. They are actors, musicians, dancers, painters, architects, clowns... people who work and show their work publicly in the artistic or cultural fields.

As photographers, we have always loved to look at, to observe, to try to read beyond each character. We are seduced by their artistic univers, we adopt a children’s perspective, we leave aside our prejudices, and we dive into this world of artists.

This is a long-term artistic project, almost a life-long project, where we try, through our pictures, to show each one of these characters beyond their own image. We try to invite the viewer to reflect about the person he is looking at. Each portrait has the strength and the energy of each persona, and also the circumstance of that exact moment, which closes the distance between the subject and the viewer.
This exhibit has a double value, both individual and collective. Each portrait has a value in itself, as an autonomous work, but the whole ensemble has a great documental value, because it reflects a group of people who develop their work in a  specific environment, at a specific period, in the artistic field. This series of portraits consists, up to date, of more that a hundred portraits... and still growing.

Our idea is to keep meeting people, hopefully for a long time... and seat them on a chair.

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