Documentary Photography


In La Fotogràfica we are convinced that, in the future, the most competitive companies will be those that are able to export their products and services.

That's why we work closely with entrepreneurs and businesses to help them make it happen! Quickly and efficiently.


do photo shoots and videos of important events of your company, an inauguration, the presentation of a new product, a promotional event .... or facilities of the company, all you can excel in your company over other quit worth immortalized with good pictures.

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All photographs are made with the latest technology , high quality , processed and all necessary tweaks . We adapt to any necessary concrete specification .

The secret to selling worldwide is having exceptional photographs of the products, the company and the people that comprise it , we have found and studied.


Want to sell ? Well photograph invests in your company!


Why do we have to choose us?


  • The Fotogràfica is formed by two professional photographers with approved studies .
  • Constantly continue to be always formation using the most effective of new technologies
  • We are serious and committed to our work
  • rigorous
  • Adaptable and fast
  • We are creative and we always go one step further giving the best of ourselves .
  • We have a studio at street level of more than 170 m2 .
  • 15 years of experience and our customers are our guarantee.


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